This is an open medium class but we will be starting in watercolor, moving to house paints and then to your medium of choice: acrylic, oil or pastel. Or all of them. Though I do recommend acrylic for their drying time and transportability. Emphasis here is on CHEAP materials.


9×12 ish watercolor pad (heavy paper) and drawing tool, fine felt ink pen.

Set of 4 gray values markers (very optional)

Watercolor set Small inexpensive $10 range (kiddie version) water color set and a

couple of small cheap watercolor brushes


limited palette of warm and cool of each primary color plus white: for Acrylic or oil

Titanium White unless you prefer flake or zinc white

Cadmium Lemon

Cadmium Yellow Med and/or Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Red Lt or Permanent Red

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue and or Viridian

Burnt Sienna



This is just a palette suggestion, bring whatever colors you like, I don’t believe

in magic color systems, though I know they do exist. If you have favorite pigments,

bring em.

Oils/acrylics: Whatever is cheap and comes in big tubes. There are many student

grades, I don’t want you to be afraid of “wasting” good paint.

Thinner for oil: Turpenoid or Gamsol or Mona Lisa, you can go thinner free and just

use Artists medium or linseed oil.

Can or container to hold turpenoid or medium or water.


Portable easel that can hold up to 20×20.


Brushes:  variety pack of flats, brights, rounds etc. I use a lot of cheap synthetics. Whatever you have but at least a few have to be in good shape. If you are planning on going larger. See house paints below.


Panels: 8-10 12×16 or similar canvas panels, taped off into quarters for small studies, cheap canvas, not oil primed


5-10 11×14 to 12×16 for the middle studies

2-4 16×20 to 20×24 for the larger version. pick one size you don’t need them all.


These can also be gessoed birch, masonite or primed cardboard.


Reference: Bring photo reference that is meaningful to you. And/or small paintings you have done to work from.


House paints:


Follow this part closely, please. Yes… house paint. Acrylic latex

color testers. Go to Home Depot, grab 6-8 color cards in a

variety of colors from greens to blue grays to warm oranges n reds

Have them mix a range of 8 light to dark values in a variety of

random warm and cool colors (not primaries). They are $4 each.

Do not get the quarts, get the small containers. See pic.

While there pick up 3 $1 brushes and or foam brushes and any other weird tools that are cheap like squeegees and knockdown knifes..

You should be able to get out of there for $50 or less.


Go to the local Publix deli and pick up a $3 deli tray,