Abigail McBride is a nationally recognized plein air and portrait painter. She is a consummate colorist in the Cape Cod tradition with a rich academic understanding of the figure. Her dynamic personalized teaching style aims to give each student the push they need to take their work to the next level.
Abigail doesn’t like to be tied down. She paints it all: landscape, still life, portrait and figure both plein air and in the studio. Her work has been seen in national publications, galleries and museums since 2000. She has received honors from MAPAPA, Plein Air Easton, OPA, RayMar, BWS and the Portrait Society of America.

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The mentoring program

The mentoring program offers one on one personalized instruction. We will determine your personal artistic goals and tailor our time to helping you achieve them.
Abigail McBride mentoring schedule:
9pm-10pm on Monday evenings. They follow the same calendar as her Monday evening weekly portrait class. So if there is a break in the Monday class there is no private lesson either.

SOLO lessons
• $690 for 6 weeks of mentoring, $115/week
The 6 week section will begin and end on the same dates the Monday evening portrait class begins and ends.

• $480 for 4 weeks of mentoring, $120/week
Must fit within the 6 week section of evening class dates.

• $150 single lesson

This structure is for two students of similar level and goals. It is not solo but two students in the private study area receiving instruction together.

• $450 each for 6 weeks of mentoring, $75/week for each student

• $320 each for 4 weeks of mentoring, $80/week for each student

Monday Evening Portrait

Alla Prima –
The art of the quick painting

Aug 7 – Sept 18

no class on Labor Day

6 weeks $195

4 weeks $160

Drop in $55

This class runs in 6 week topical sections.
examples: expressions, edges, likeness, anatomy

Abigail McBride Portrait Abigail McBride Portrait

Charcoal Materials List

Note: Monday Evening Portrait is all media: bring what you like, color classes and plein air workshops are in oil
• Charcoal Drawing Paper -Strathmore is a common paper
• box of Vine Thin Extra Soft Charcoal
• A smooth board with Clamps -bankers clasps, spring clips, etc..
• Sandpaper disc (to sharpen charcoal)
• Erasers: Kneaded, Chamois (Shammy), Mop watercolor brush
• Long handled sable or bristle bright brush about 1/8 inch across
• Tortillion stumps (Twisted paper), Blender Stumps (Felt)

Oil Materials List

• Canvas or Boards (I use RayMar)
• box of Vine Thin Extra Soft Charcoal
• Palette (I use New Wave)
• Brushes – Rosemary is best and you get what you pay for.
• Palette knife/Painting Knife – you only need one.
(Dick Blick RGM 50, Creative Mark T17 or Holbein Series S No. 37 or 41)
• Odorless Mineral Spirits (Gamsol)
• Paper Towels or Rags (I use Bounty)
• Oil Paints
(I use Gamblin, Rembrandt, Michael Harding, Rubilev, Windsor Newton and Vasari)
*Titanium White
*Cadmium Lemon
Cadmium Yellow or Yellow Medium
Cadmium Orange
Transparent Orange (Gamblin)
Cadmium Red (Micheal Harding) or Perylene Red (Gamblin)
Permanent Rose
Permanent Magenta
Caput Mortem Violet (Rembrant)
*Dioxazine Violet
*Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue (addicted to Vasari’s Cerulean)
Yellow Ochre
*Transparent Oxide Brown
*Use these only if you want a more limited palette

I CAN SEE!  2 Day Workshop.  July 8-9.   $295.00

This class is about learning to see color. We will run through exercises designed to open your eyes to the magical world of color perception. Limited spots to promote personal attention.

  Abigail McBride Still life    

Past Events

I Can See!

A Three Week Color Intensive.
Monday afternoons 12-4pm June 6-20DonaC

This class is about learning to see color. We will run through exercises designed to open your eyes to the magical world of color perception.


Skin Tones
Monday evenings 6-8:30pmAbigailMcBride_CharcoalPoeticPortrait

This class runs in 6 week topical sections. We have explored expressions, edges, likeness and anatomy. Currently we are investigating the portrait in an interior setting. All media. $5 model fee per class.

Spring Salon

An Evening to Share our Work
Monday May 16 6:30-8:30pm


We will gather to look at our work and discuss. Perhaps we will launch a new art movement.  Or we could end up watching cat videos on the internet. It’s all good. 😉
Present up to 3 works, finished or in progress, original or send digital images by May 14th to Display only, Present & Discuss or receive Teacher Critique.
Free for students currently enrolled in the
Monday Evening Portrait Class

Plein Air

A One Day Landscape Workshop
Saturday May 21


Paint outside on location in oil. Distill the landscape to it’s most important elements with composition and color.