2016 Workshops     

Colin page  2016  4-day April 1-4 

 ROMEL DEL LA TORRE  3-day Apirl  19-21  10-4pm $450  

Andy Evansen  3-day May 19, 20,21  


Hai-Ou Hou 2-day Quick FUN  workshop  May  28, 29 $295 

coloudy day at the marsh 12x12 hai-Ou Hou

Supply List

 Vladislav Yeliseyev  2-day watercolor Jun. 21, 22.  $295  

Marc Hanson  Big Brush 3-day Jun 24, 25, 26. $ 525


Aug 2016

 MARY  WHYTE Aug 2016 8, 9, 10. 3-day Portraits & Still Lifes  (Full)

 Hai-Ou Hou 2-day Quick FUN  workshop  Jackson NH  Oct. 7, 8,

Jackson Art gallery jackson NH email: melanie@jacksonartnh.com     (603) 387-3463

 haiOuHoucolody dayoiloncanvas$1,200

Hai-Ou Hou        

 3-day Quick FUN  workshop   Austin Texas Oct.  20, 21, 22

Daniel Gerhartz    4-day workshop Nov.5-8 $950 FULL

unspecified       unspecified-1

 Nov. 2016

BARBARA JAENICKE   3-day Pastel&oil  Nov. 2,3,4. 2016 $450

Sunlit Slope

Scott Christensen  

5-day Workshop Nov 11, 12,13,14,15. $1,500 full


Albert Handell 5-day workshop  Dec.2,3,4,5,6. $750 




Hai-Ou Hou  

2-day quick draw workshop March 3rd & 4th 2016 Wekiva Island Longwood, FL

One day $150 Both days $265 

coloudy day at the marsh 12x12 hai-Ou Hou

Larry Moore: Abstract: Small to Big

3-day workshop March 11,12,13 2016 10-4pm $425


small to large

Abstract: Small to Big

This 3 day studio class is designed to help you with finding your voice and gaining freedom in paint.  We explore all of the characteristics that make a great painting: intent, paint, color, mark making, drawing, shape, edge, methods and materials and we do it at the fun size. 30×30 to 40×40 on the easel or on the floor. This class will start with the same processes as in all my classes, small studies to larger studies to big stuff. The big paintings are done with house paints, acrylics, tempera, whatever is cheap and plentiful. We also will be using different tools to create with; brooms, mops, sponges, brushes, squeegees etc. 

Hai-Ou Hou 

2-day quick draw workshop Jan 13th & 14th Sarasota, FL – Renaissance School of Art 

Hai-Ou Hou Quick Draw Workshop

Hai-Ou Hou Workshop Flyer

Scott Christensen  

5-day workshop Nov 18-22 2015 $1,400




4-day workshop Nov. 12-15 10am-4pm $625

Demo only Thursday Nov. 12 10am-1pm


Lori Putnam: Expression & Brushwork: Study to Studio

4-day workshop Oct. 29- Nov. 1 $550

for Demo only $50



Michelle Dunaway: “Capturing the Essence”

3-day workshop Oct. 23, 24 & 25 $475


This comprehensive workshop will focus on capturing the essence of the sitter’s pose using our tools at hand, composition, structure of anatomy, color temperature, strong values and variance of edges.
Michelle Dunaway will demo each morning and will provide one-on-one instruction as students paint from life in the afternoon.
We will cover all the bases of Alla Prima painting with a variety of setups in the studio.
The first day will be painting from a nude model in the studio. We will explore the variations in composing a life study, approaching the painting with confidence and intention, while remaining open to the fluid inspiration of the moment. Color-mixing of flesh tones will be covered with a particular emphasis on the importance of subtle temperature shifts which add depth to the painting and help maintain a strong value structure.
The second day we will shift our attention to the portrait. Taking all that has been covered the first day and adding to it the ability to get the particular likeness of your subject and the emotion conveyed in the subtle expressions of the sitter’s face.
The third day will be a clothed three quarters figure, incorporating the movement of the hands into the composition of the portrait.


Hai-Ou Hou

2-day quick draw workshop part II – Color Oct. 17 & 18 $295

How to be quick and fresh. How to make your colors bright but not raw, and how to make your grays beautiful and subtle, and How to make your painting not muddy. This is not a color theory class where one sits around making color charts


Kevin Macpherson

5-day workshop Sep. 26-30 $1,200








Hai-Ou Hou: Demo and talk : How to Quick Draw

Escalante Canyons Art Festival UT

Monday Sept 21st, inside at the Grand Staircase Monument Interagency Visitor’s Center, 12:00 to 2:00.

 Hai-Ou Hou 

3-day Plain Air workshop Aug. 26, 27, 28 Rhode Island

haiOuHoucolody dayoiloncanvas$1,200

Michael Reardon

3-day watercolor workshop July 24, 25, 26 $425


The deft use of light and color is key to dynamic watercolor painting. This workshop will present ways to use values and color to imbue your work with luminescence and atmosphere.

Each day will start with a demonstration, emphasizing the importance of value studies, simplification, quickness, and decisiveness in watercolor painting. The balance of each day will be spent painting on your own, with ample individual attention in order to take your paintings to the next level.


2-day quick draw workshop July 16 & 17 $295
Hai-Ou Hou will help you get ready for the Quick Draws.
A New Event at Plein Air Easton-Quick Draw Competition For Beginners
Chesapeake Fine Art Studio, in partnership with Plein Air Easton, will hold a new Quick Draw Competition for Beginners on Sunday, July 19th, from 10am-3pm.  Register through the Plein Air Easton website at https://pleinaireaston.com/events/plein-air-eastons-quick-draw-beginners

Max Ginsburg

Demo & workshops moved to this Fall


Live Demo One on One Instruction Gesture Studies Value and Colors 5 days $895