Thomas BUCCI is an award winning watercolorist with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and a Masters of Architecture. After 8 years working as an architect, he returned to working full-time as a painter. His work is found in collections around the world; in embassies, hotels, and in corporate and private collections. He is a Signature Members of several watercolor societies and his work has been exhibited by the American Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, The Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors ,and the Salmagundi Club in NYC.
Thomas BUCCI has been living in Washington DC and working full time as a professional artist since 1996.

In this class we will be working with photo references in a studio setting. The session will begin with a demonstration followed by an introduction to materials and tools. After that there will be individual instruction as students work. We will discuss the choices an artist has to make regarding composition. The focus of my instruction will be to develop the confidence to approach watercolor without fear of failure. This is accomplished by simplifying the process and removing obstacles that arise from unrealistic expectations. The goal will be to conquer the challenges of watercolor in steps. We may for example work with a very limited palette, or focus on rendering light and shadows. Students will discover how to overcome hesitation, and learn to embrace the process of painting in watercolor by solving one challenge at a time.

Some specifics covered:

1. How to simplify things to basic shapes

2. How to harmonize the color palette

3. How to handle washes

4. How to suggest details with minimal brush strokes

5. How to look at the world with the eyes of a painter, seeing potential paintings as you go about daily life

Materials Requirements:

As a minimum, each participant will need:

•Watercolor Block (Arches or equiv.) of cold-pressed or rough finish Paper, between 9″x12″ to 17″x22″ is recommended. Individual sheets or a watercolor sketchbook will also suffice.

•Watercolor tube paint (a basic range of colors) and pallete for mixing colors. Watercolor palette with a basic pigment set. Alternatively a Winsor Newton Cotman box will be sufficient.

•One mop brush, squirrel hair is best (recommended)

•One pointed round #10 or #12 brush & one pointed round #4 or #6, sable or synthetic

•Water container and a sponge.

These materials can be purchased from many art suppliers.


Watercolor Block, Arches shown, also Canson, Sennilier, Saunders Waterford or Fabriano


Winsor & Newton Cotman Compact PALETTE BOX or similar


Squirrel Mop BRUSH


Pointed Round, Sable or Synthetic BRUSH